five days后面是is还是are(five days和five-days的区别)




【Economist】Nothing to fear but fear itself? 除恐惧之外别无恐惧

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five days后面是is还是are(five days和five-days的区别)


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Safety concerns are putting people off returning to their Manhattan desks

【Para.1】Before the pandemic, Alexa, who works in finance, did not think twice about taking the subway. She hopped on day or night, never worrying about safety. That has changed. “I avoid taking it if at all possible,” she now says. Safety concerns are one reason people are hesitating to go back to their Manhattan desks.

think twice : 三思

【Para.2】By late April, only 8% of New Yorkers had returned to their offices five days a week, according to a survey of employers by Partnership for New York City, a business group. On an average weekday, 38% of Manhattan office workers were in the workplace. More than a quarter were fully remote. Firms are trying to bring workers back through mandates or incentives such as free meals and Ubers. But after more than two years of remote working, people have grown used to it. Few miss the commute. Some continue to worry about catching covid-19.

remote : adj:偏远的,遥远的,远程的。这里是指远程办公的意思。
commute :v.上下班的往返,通勤,n.每天上下班的路程

【Para.3】And some worry about crime. On the city’s transit systems it has increased by 56% since the start of this year. A recent report by Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute, a New York think-tank, found that as ridership gradually returned in 2021, violent crime did not decline in tandem, as some thought it might.

tandem : n.双座自行车,双人自行车

【Para.4】Christopher Herrmann, of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, points out that crime before the pandemic was exceedingly low, which exaggerates the recent rise. “I understand the fear,” he says, but “I got a five times better chance of winning the Big Six lotto than I do getting victimised on the New York City subway.” Although ridership is still only around 60% of what it was pre-pandemic (on the London Underground, by comparison, passenger numbers are much closer to pre-covid levels), some 3m people use the subway every day without incident. Yet people fret.

exceedingly :adv:极其,非常
Big Six lotto : 六合彩
v.苦恼,烦躁 n.(吉他等指板上定音的)品

【Para.5】Perception is reality,” says Andrew Rigie of New York City Hospitality Alliance, which represents restaurants and bars. Those are struggling to return to normal. “Crime, or the perception of it, is impacting consumer behaviour,” says Mr Rigie.

【Para.6】A few high-profile murders have shaken confidence. In January Michelle Go, who worked at Deloitte, a consultancy, was fatally shoved from a Times Square subway platform onto the tracks in midmorning. In April a gunman shot ten people on a train during the morning rush hour. Last month Daniel Enriquez, who worked at Goldman Sachs, a bank, was randomly killed on the subway on his way to Sunday brunch. Last week a man stabbed two passengers without provocation.

fatal :adj: 致命的,灾难的,毁灭性的
shove : vi:猛推,乱挤,推撞 vt:乱放,随手扔 n.猛推
the morning rush hour
stab : (用刀等锐气)刺,捅

【Para.7】Eric Adams, New York City’s mayor, won election promising to improve public safety. He has released blueprints for tackling violence and unveiled a subway-safety plan with Kathy Hochul, New York’s governor, who controls the subway (the NYPD is charged with keeping it safe). He has put money into mental health and homeless services. He has appointed a gun-violence tsar. He may deploy officers to each train, as was done in the 1980s.

blueprint : n.蓝图
deploy: vt:部署,调度,有效运用,利用

【Para.8】The Riders Alliance, an advocacy group, has produced its own subway-safety plan, which calls for more transit workers rather than more cops. When the Partnership for New York City asked employers to identify what would be most effective in encouraging employees to return to the office, 31% pointed to reducing the presence of homeless and mentally ill people on streets and subways; 22% pointed to expanding police presence on the streets and subways.

【Para.9】After Mr Enriquez’s murder, Mr Adams held a call with business leaders to reassure them. He ordered municipal office workers back to their desks. Since April his police commissioner has held public-safety briefings for firms. This has helped alleviate fears, says Kathryn Wylde of the Partnership for New York City. Another poll by the Partnership suggested that workers will resist returning to the office until the city and subway are safe. Mr Adams knows the city cannot afford to lose those workers. He has said repeatedly that “public safety is the prerequisite to prosperity”.

briefing : n.情况介绍会,简要介绍
poll : n.民意调查,投票




【Para.2】根据商业团体Partnership for New York City的调查,到4月底,只有8%的纽约人每周五天回到办公室。在一个平均工作日,38%的曼哈顿办公室工作人员在工作场所,超过四分之一的人是完全远程办公的。公司正试图通过规定或奖励措施,如免费餐和Ubers,使工人回来。但经过两年多的远程工作,人们已经习惯了远程办公,很少有人怀念通勤的日子。一些人继续担心会染上新冠。

【Para.3】还有人担心犯罪问题。在城市的交通系统中,自今年年初以来,犯罪率增加了56%。纽约曼哈顿研究所的Nicole Gelinas最近的一份报告发现,随着2021年乘客量逐渐恢复,暴力犯罪并没有像一些人认为的那样同步下降。

【Para.4】约翰杰伊刑事司法学院的克里斯托弗-赫尔曼指出,新冠之前的犯罪率非常低,这夸大了最近的上升。他说:"我理解这种恐惧,但是 ,我赢得六合彩的机会比我在纽约市地铁上受到伤害的机会大五倍”。虽然乘客人数仍然只有新冠前的60%左右(相比之下,伦敦地铁的乘客人数更接近新冠前的水平),但每天约有300万人使用地铁,没有发生任何事故。然而,人们却很担心。


【Para.6】几起备受瞩目的谋杀案动摇了人们的信心。1月,在德勤咨询公司工作的米歇尔-戈(Michelle Go)在上午被人从时代广场的地铁站台推到铁轨上,造成死亡。4月,一名枪手在早高峰期间向一辆火车上的10人开枪。上个月,在高盛(Goldman Sachs)银行工作的丹尼尔-恩里克斯(Daniel Enriquez)在前往周日早午餐的地铁上被随机杀害。上周,一名男子在没有挑衅的情况下刺伤了两名乘客。

【Para.7】纽约市市长埃里克-亚当斯赢得选举,承诺改善公共安全。他发布了解决暴力问题的蓝图,并与控制地铁的纽约州长凯西-霍楚尔(Kathy Hochul)一起公布了一项地铁安全计划(纽约警察局负责维护地铁安全)。他已将资金投入到精神健康和无家可归者服务中,并且已经任命了一个枪支暴力问题专家。他可能会像20世纪80年代那样,在每辆列车上部署警员。

【Para.8】呼吁团体 "乘客联盟 "制定了自己的地铁安全计划,该计划要求增加交通工作人员而不是增加警察。当纽约市伙伴关系要求雇主确定什么能最有效地鼓励员工返回办公室时,31%的人指出要减少街道和地铁上无家可归者和精神病人的存在;22%的人指出要扩大街道和地铁上的警力。

【Para.9】在恩里克斯先生被谋杀后,亚当斯先生与商界领袖举行了一次电话会议,让他们放心。他命令市政办公室工作人员回到他们的办公桌前。自4月以来,他的警察局长为企业举行了公共安全简报会。纽约市伙伴关系的凯瑟琳-怀尔德(Kathryn Wylde)说,这有助于减轻人们的担忧。该伙伴关系的另一项调查显示,在城市和地铁安全之前,工人们将抵制返回办公室。亚当斯先生知道这个城市不能失去这些工人。他曾多次表示,"公共安全是繁荣的先决条件"。



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